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Who we are

Through our electronic projects, Keshfiya platform strive to lead the community in the field of e-health, overcome all difficulties and harnessing the latest technologies to ensure that those who serve or wish to receive these services quickly as possible, cost-effective, and high quality.

Keshfiya platform is the best way to create an eco-health care system through electronic systems that connect the various healthcare providers and those in need.

Keshfiya platform provides a means of effective access to patients to appropriate doctors for their medical condition without long search or question nearby and away, or the trouble of frequent calls to get a suitable appointment or wasting time waiting for long periods to see the doctor. We pay great attention to the evaluation of services provided and strive to meet the desires and fulfill the aspirations of our customers.

Keshfiya platform provides smart and innovative solutions for health care providers to increase productivity, increase the efficiency of the appointment system and create new channels of communication with the community. therefor the management of the system of appointments and services become easy and effective.

Keshfiya platform promotes a professional competency among health care providers through a combination of performance indicators and customer evaluation results.

Our vision

To lead the electronic health care community by providing advanced technical services in line with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030 and covering the Gulf States at the beginning 2020.

Our Mission

Keshfiya seeks to create a world-class technical environment in the field of healthcare based on finding innovative and intelligent solutions to provide support, advice, and provide effective communication channels between healthcare providers and their customers.